Parish Nurse Ministry

Providing Spiritual, Physical & Emotional Care for the Congregation

Parish Nurse Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Blood Pressure Checks - 1st Sunday of every month between services in the Fellowship Hall.

Throughout history, commitment to the whole person has been basic to the philosophy of the church. The Parish Nurse is a Registered Nurse who melds nursing and ministry. He or she is committed to the healing ministry of the church, and committed to promoting wellness of spirit, body, and mind to individuals, families, and the body of Christ.

What are the functions of the Parish Nurse?

  • Integrator of Faith and Health
  • Health Educator
  • Personal Health Counselor
  • Referral Agent
  • Trainer of Volunteers
  • Health Advocate
  • Developer of Support Groups

Penny LaBerge, LCC Parish Nurse Coordinator

Arrowhead Parish Nurse Association

For more information about Arrowhead Parish Nurse Association and Parish Nurses click HERE.


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Webster’s definition of change is “to replace with another”.  Change is inevitable.  Nothing in life stays the same.  From the time we’re born until we die, we are changing.  That’s the way God made us.  BUT we don’t like change.  We like things to be familiar and predictable.  

Recently there have been several changes for the Parish Nurse Ministry.  The Parish Nurse office has moved upstairs to the office suite, between Jill Broman’s and Pastor John’s offices.  Please feel free to stop in any time to chat or just to see the new space. 


Embrace the changes in your life.  They are the beginnings of something new that God has for you.


Penny LaBerge

Parish Nurse

Prayer Shawl Ministry

We do not live in isolation, but are interconnected in our community.  When something happens to someone else we hurt with them.

When you make a prayer shawl, you intentionally pray for the person who will receive it, not knowing who it is.

For those who receive a prayer shawl, they have a visible and tangible reminder that someone cares for them and is praying for them.

For more information contact Lakeview's Parish Nurse

Card Ministry

The card ministry is an “outreach” ministry to those who may not be able to gather with the church family, but are still a part of Lakeview Covenant Church.


Cards go out during the holidays, birthdays, times of illness and hospitalization.  We also keep in touch with those in college.


Meets the 1st Thursday of the month (Sept-May), 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM in the Multi-Purpose Room, on the upper level.


If you enjoy making cards but don’t have time to join us, you can make birthday, get well, sympathy and thinking of you cards and drop them off at the Parish Nurse office.

Lending Closet

Medical equipment is available to borrow for short-term use.  We have walkers, crutches, commodes, shower chairs, and more.


Please contact the Parish Nurse for more information.



Matter of Balance/Moving for Better Balance


Chronic Pain and Disease Management/Diabetes Prevention and Self-Management at

Powerful Tools for Caregivers—contact the Parish Nurse office

Contact Lakeview's Parish Nurse, Penny LaBerge, for details on classes currently offered at Lakeview.