“BLESS" is a simple way to remember valuable habits each of us can develop as God’s agents of blessing to others, especially to those who don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Under each section of this web page, you’ll find a brief description of why each habit is important, along with a short video describing ways in which you might live into that habit yourself. In the last section, “Share Your Story,” you’ll also find resources for helping you tell others not only your own story, but also the story of Jesus.

b: begin with prayer


Because turning people’s hearts toward God is ultimately God’s own work to do, it’s essential that we start with prayer. That’s why the B in BLESS is “Begin with Prayer.” Prayer was a vital part of Jesus’ own ministry, so how much more must it be part of our efforts to touch others on his behalf?

l: listen with care


St. Francis’ famous prayer asks God that we seek "not as much...to be understood as to understand.” That’s the opposite of the approach we often take, isn’t it? When seeking to influence others for Jesus, understanding them and their lives is non-negotiable, and we don’t understand others by talking. We understand by listening. That’s why the L in BLESS is “Listen with Care.”

E: eat together


For many of us, the most enjoyable part of the BLESS approach may be the E: Eat Together. This is about much more than food—it’s about the ways in which sharing even a simple meal or coffee break can break down barriers, deepen relationships, and allow us to share our lives in ways that don’t happen otherwise. It’s also the context in which we can often listen the most carefully, learn how to pray more specifically, identify ways to serve lovingly, and even share our own stories. Besides: it’s just plain fun.

S: serve with love


In Mark 10:45, Jesus said that he “did not come to be served, but to serve.” That attitude must shape our own approach to relationships with others, especially those whom God may allow us to influence. But serving is more than attitude, it's action, and it's action that often proves that we’ve listened well, and that we truly value and love others as people—not just as projects. So “Serving with Love” is the first S in BLESS.

s: Share your story


Words are powerful. God himself “spoke” creation into existence, and Jesus is called “The Word.” Our own words can help and heal, or they can hurt and destroy. And words are at the center of the second S in BLESS: Share Your Story. For people to follow Jesus themselves, they have to hear the gospel and respond to it. So telling about our own experience with Jesus and being able to give a basic gospel presentation also are critical parts blessing others for Jesus.

Download:  Learning to Tell Your Story