Our mission at Lakeview Covenant Church: To pursue Christ together and advance his priorities across the street and around the world.

Pursue Christ … We want to inspire people to move into an authentic, growing and life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Advance His Priorities … We want to increasingly share Christ’s heart and values and join Him in His mission and movement in the world. 

Across the Street … We want to be a church that loves Duluth, contributes to the common good of our city and expresses the love of God to people in our community.

Around the World … We want to join God in his mission of bringing hope and healing to a broken and hurting world.


Every church has a culture. Our culture is the sum of our values, habits, practices and story which shapes the way we live together and as a community of faith. Our desire is to share the heart of Jesus Christ and allow that to shape the culture of our church. Here is how we like to describe the culture we strive for at LCC.

No Perfect People Allowed:
Come as You Are and Grow in New Ways

No Perfect People Allowed: This reflects our honest admission that none of us are perfect. (Romans 3:23 & Jeremiah 17:9) This authenticity can lead to a healthy humility and relational life together. (James 4:6-10 & Philippians 2:1-11)  All of us have our hurts, hang-ups, dysfunctions and sin. Everyone is in process and needs help along the way. So let’s not live with denial or pretending. Let’s make the church a place that is free from arrogance and full of humility.

Intentionally cultivating a culture of authenticity and humility.

Come as You Are: God’s love for you is unconditional. God accepts each of us “as is”. Jesus loved and accepted people with such freedom that it actually confused the religious establishment. (Luke 5:27-31 & Luke 7:36-50) Jesus did distinguish between acceptance and approval, but when he confronted people’s flaws he also affirmed their dignity. (John 8:1-11) Whatever a person’s beliefs or background might be, we want to welcome then with an acceptance that flows from and reflects the amazing grace of Jesus Christ. (Romans 15:7)

Intentionally cultivating a culture of grace and acceptance.

And Grow in New Ways! God cares about how we live and what kind of people we become. The Bible offers a compelling vision for life. (John 8:31-32, Romans 5:1-5 & Galatians 5:13-26) All of us can grow in new ways. Aligning our life with the truth of who God is and His will for us leads to real transformation and growth.

Intentionally cultivating a culture of truth and growth.