Fulfilled and Fruitful: Understanding and Using Your Spiritual Gifts

Welcome to this series of on-line study resources concerning spiritual gifts and giftedness. If you’re an individual, you may want to download and print the study guide for each session ahead of watching the video itself. If you’re a group leader, feel free to use the discussion guide in any way that seems helpful. We hope you enjoy the adventure of learning more about how God has gifted you and others for ministry.

Spiritual gifts are unique abilities which God gives each follower of Jesus to participate in what God wants to do in and through the Church. Healthy missional churches expect people to know and use their gifts, and this fall we're providing online resources through our website for you and others to do that. We will start by looking at the "big picture" and then get more focused on various kinds of giftedness, as well as as other topics related to serving Christ and others well.  (*This series will continue through December 9th.)