Leadership Team Role and Communications

One of the areas that has long been a struggle in churches is communication.  So over the last few months, our leadership team has been working on how we at Lakeview can communicate well amongst ourselves.  Much of our discussion has been shaped by work that was done by previous leadership teams but may have dropped off the “radar” along  the way, but we have also sought to bring some fresh and current perspective to things as well.

The documents below are a result of the leadership team's work, and we are eager to share them with you.  We expect these to be helpful not only for the immediate future, but for ongoing life of Lakeview as we continue to prepare for, and then enter, a new season of ministry.

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Our Leadership Team

  • JAck Renick, Chair

    Loretta and I began attending Lakeview and became members in 1997. I have served on the Elder Board, Leadership Team, Nominating Committee and several of the Ministry Teams. I have been to Alaska Christian College several times on mission trips. Loretta and I attend Community Bible Study via Zoom on Monday evenings. Loretta and I have two adult children and a seven year old granddaughter. I retired in August of 2015 as the Lake County Assessor and stay busy with home projects, woodworking, fishing, hunting, reading and volunteer opportunities. I believe my life experiences, years at Lakeview, wisdom and patience make me a good member of the Leadership Team.

  • Brian HArd, Vice-Chair

    I have been attending Lakeview since 2006 when I came to Duluth for college, and have been a member since 2015 with my wife, Jessica. We've been married for 8 years, and have been blessed with two sweet children- Caleb (2), and Evelyn (8 months). I am just about to finish up my second year as Executive Director of Wilderness Experience, which is a locally focused outdoor ministry. I have been involved in the life of the church through AWANA, community groups, and the worship team. I look forward to what the Lord has planned for me in the future, and I am honored to serve on the Leadership Team.

  • jennifer borkholder, Financial Officer

    Jennifer Borkholder and her husband Brian began attending Lakeview Covenant in early 2013 and became members in June 2015. They joined a Community Group right away and quickly began serving as Greeters, as another way to get to know others in the church. Jennifer has helped serve in the kitchen, at the Welcome Center, in the Prayer Ministry, in the Choir, and assisted with the annual financial audit. She is also part of the Usher Team and the Hospitality Team. Jennifer is currently working as the Comptroller for the Fond du Lac Reservation in Cloquet, where she is responsible for the Band's Accounting, Payroll, and Benefit offices. In her free time she likes to take their dogs for a walk, relax at the lake, have friends over for a meal, or travel. Jennifer became a Christian as a four year old and grew up in a home with two Christian parents and one brother in central Illinois. She grew up in a small non-denominational Bible church and has attended Baptist churches in the state of Virginia and here in Duluth, prior to coming to Lakeview. She loves being a part of the Covenant Fellowship now and has a conservative approach to church life. She loves the Word of God and strives to continue learning and applying it to her life every day. She is excited to see how the Lord will use her to serve the church staff, the congregation, the fellowship, and our missionaries using her gifts of hospitality and organization. However, at the same time, being open to grow in new directions and serve in new ways. She is trusting the Lord and knows that this opportunity will be such a blessing!

  • loren janson, secretary

    I have been attending Lakeview for over 60 years and I have been a member for about 40 years. I am a retired Chemist as of 4 1/2 years ago. My wife Sue and I were married at Lakeview in February 1983. We have three married daughters and a total of 10 grandchildren. Over the years I have served in a variety of ministries ranging from leading college and adult Sunday School to serving on the former Elder Board, Leadership Team and ministry teams. Now Sue and I jointly head up the Hospitality Ministry Team. This works well with our passion for preparing and serving meals to large groups of people. Also, since the beginning of the CR Ministry at Lakeview almost 11 years ago, Sue and I have provided a weekly meal for 20 to 120 people. My spiritual gifts that strengthen the Leadership Team are a sense of perspective and patience. Hopefully God has blessed me with some measure of wisdom through these years and I know that he's still showing me how to be patient.

  • nate johnson

    In 2009, I moved to Duluth for a faculty position in the department of Civil Engineering at UMD. I have had some small administrative responsibilities, but my main priorities at UMD have been teaching and research. After growing up in the Brainerd Lakes area, I studied at universities in New Jersey and Texas before landing at UMD. My wife, Rebekah, and I joined Lakeview in 2011. We have four children: Kate, Luke, Abby, and Claire. At Lakeview, I have served in children’s ministries as a Sunday school teacher for several years, played periodically with the music team, and served on a pastoral search committee. My family has hosted a community group in our home in Woodland for about 5 years. I believe that my spiritual gifts include discernment, teaching, and mercy and I have a desire to see the church fulfill God’s calls to discipleship and outreach. I think that these passions, combined with organizational leadership and administrative experience, position me to contribute effectively to the Leadership Team at Lakeview.

  • mike laberge

    My wife and I have been members of Lakeview Covenant Church for the past 26 years. We have 4 sons, all having grown up attending LCC while participating in SS and youth activities. During our time here I have participated in a variety of functions. These include teaching junior and senior high Sunday school for a number of years, serving on the Leadership Team under Pastor Jeffrey Burton, and serving on the Missions and Local Outreach Team. I have helped organize a number of medical missions trips to Guatemala with members and friends of LCC. Over the years I have teamed up with other adult members to teach several adult Sunday school classes. Probably one of my fondest experiences at LCC has been Small Group (Bible Study) participation spanning over 26 years with members of LCC. These studies have really kept me challenged and desiring the Lord. I just retired from Essentia Health after 34 years and am looking for new ways to serve and am willing and eager to do so.

  • ann ludolph

    I have been a member at Lakeview for 19 years. Currently, I am the NICU Assistant Head Nurse at Essentia Health St. Mary's Medical Center. I am married to Steve. We have 2 grown children. I have served on the Leadership Team multiple years. I have also been a member of many different search committees at Lakeview. For many years, I have served in Children's and Youth Ministries at Lakeview, as well. I feel my spiritual gift of leadership will definitely contribute to the leadership team by helping me to be a contributing member of the team with decisions that need to be made and plans that need creating.

  • greg mason

    My wife and I have been going to Lakeview for 13 years since we moved here after I finished medical training. I currently am the section Chair of pediatric hospital and ICU medicine at St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital - Essentia Health and Chief of pediatrics for St. Mary’s Medical Center here in town.  I currently sit on multiple committees and teach advanced life support for pediatrics. I enjoy cooking and have enjoyed repair work and woodworking as some of my hobbies. My family includes the most popular of us, Rachel Mason, who brings the music wagon into the younger Sunday school classes, and my four children Sarah, Noah, Hannah and Isaiah. In the past I have taught Sunday school, organized the Awana Grand Prix, and made meals for college students.  All of this of course could not be possible without much help from my family and others in the church. In discussing spiritual gifts that I have to offer, I become very practical. I am able to look at things objectively with a high amount of self in situational awareness - trying to predict the outcome and any other points of view. I enjoy the details of operation and communication - placing the answer in context to help people move through difficult or critical conversations.  If you ask my children, they will tell you my favorite sayings, “what is right, and what is the goal“. My prayer is always wisdom, discernment, and awareness of His Word.