Missional Outreach MicroGrants

We are offering $100 microgrants for our Lakeview family to use to bring God's love to the world.  We hope the grants will help in building relationships, fostering community, and getting to know neighbors through community service projects, social gatherings, cross cultural events, or even simple acts of kindness.

Hospitality and generosity are qualities of Jesus that we desire to be continually growing.  Some examples of what you could do to love your neighbors may include: have a BBQ, hand out free popsicles, host a National Night Out on your block, bring donuts to your work, or any other creative ways to love that you come up with.  As God prompts you to put action to your vision, apply for a Missional Outreach Microgrant.

Click on the image above or HERE to access the online application. 

If you prefer a paper version, it is available HERE.