Packs of Hope

WHAT IS PACKS OF HOPE? When foster children are placed in homes, the move often happens quickly and without much notice. This limits the child's ability to take personal items with them during their transition. We collaborate with the St. Louis County Foster Care program to fill backpacks with essential items that support the child and provide families with necessities during these times of transition.

HOW TO PARTNER WITH THIS MINISTRY? It's simple: select a backpack here at Lakeview, located in our lobby. Each backpack comes with a shopping list of essential items for you to purchase. After shopping, simply place the items in the backpacking return by Sunday, June 30th (last Sunday in June).

THANK YOU! The Foster Care staff in St. Louis County greatly appreciate our support and care. They often share how the backpacks truly make a difference in the lives of children and their families. Thank you for joining us in this ministry!

QUESTIONS? Contact the office at Lakeview: 218-525-6625.